A New Category of Tools – Craftsman Driver Sockets and Bits

There are dozens of “kits” available from each of the manufactures which have one quarter inch hex drive screwdriver bits inside them. They work well on your screwdriver and rather nicely in your cordless drill, but if you use them in your new cordless impact driver they don’t last long. You frequently change them but he next thing you know, the pieces are stripping out the screws.The new impacting drivers possess considerably more torque than cordless screwdrivers and drill/drivers so the present hex pieces just don’t do the job well.

To fix this DeWalt, Milwaukee, and Makita have come out with greater driver pieces. These brand new pieces for your impact driver are more powerful, tougher and should last much longer than the tradtional screw driver bits. Obviously they’ll work nicely in your drill/driver too!

Milwaukee has introduced the “Milwaukee Shockwave,” Dewalt the “Impact Ready” pieces. Makita requires them “Impact Driver” Sets.

Craftsman is noticeably silent in this category, yet. Craftsman is testing a rugged new layout and will present their own sometime this year. I’d love to view Craftsman completely reorganize their deep well socket, torx screwdriver piece sets, driver bits, impact screwdriver bits, and impact driver sets.

It will take some time for this category to shake for terminology. There will be some confusion because there is a traditional class called impact driver pieces. The category describes a tool which you broke with a hammer to loosen stubborn screws and nut. Another conventional category called effect sockets is commonly referred to craftsman socket set used with air impact tools.

For more information check out: http://srs-socketmap.info/